Description (in English): 

A movie where everyone has "mind's eyes" that record everything and provide the viewer with an AR overlay identifying people and objects. An unnamed woman ("The girl") hacks the system and erases recordings people don't want to be revealed. [add rest of description]

[film noir, cynical detective, femme fatale]

Situation machine vision is used in: 

Anon (Naked lesbians murdered)

Brief description: 

Sal the detective watches a recording of two naked woman in bed together. He sees two images, one from each woman's point of view. The view switches to a single image showing the two women from the point of view of a person holding a gun. One woman looks at the camera and says "Help. Don't kill her, kill me!" The gun is cocked and both women are shot. We then see the police, looking at the womens' dead bodies on the bed. Later, a police officer in a meeting explains that one of the women was the daughter of a conservative Christian, and we surmise that the women had hired Anon to erase the recordings of their affair.

Anon (Sal deceives surveillance)

Brief description: 

Sal is under house arrest and suspended after allegedly shooting his neighbour. He is under surveillance (through the "minds eye"), and he pretends that he goes to sleep, thus closing his eyes. The officer outside Sal`s house is thinking that he has gone to sleep, because Sal`s closed his eyes. Then Sal gets out of bed with his eyes closed, navigating himself out of the apartment and leaving the building. Right before he approaches the car, Sal`s open his eyes and punches out the surveillance officer and escapes.