The Cat Returns

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An animated movie about a teenager, Haru, who saves a cat's life and is then rewarded by the entire cat kingdom - however the cats' idea of a reward isn't quite to Haru's taste. The cats kidnap her and take her to their parallel world where they want her to marry the prince. She finally escapes and returns to her own world. 

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The Cat Returns (Surveillance eyes)

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When Haru crosses the bridge to the cat king's palace, pastel coloured spheres float above her. Suddenly the mint green sphere opens its eyelid and Haru gapes in horror as she realises it is a giant eye, watching her from above. Its pupil is vertical like a cat's eye. The film cuts to viewing Haru and Matu, as Haru says "What are those? Those look creepy!", and then to the same scene, but as though seen through a wide eye lens. The camera pulls back to reveal a scene where we that we are now watching Haru and Matu's image on a round screen that at first looks like a fantasy device, but we then realise is a spherical television screen connected to a video system. There are piles of VHS video cassettes piled up on either side. The cat king sits in an armchair watching, and holding a remote control, as his advisor stands behind him.

The situation is unusual in mixing fantasy with realistic technology.