Dancing (as.phyx.i.a)

General description of the situation
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A human figure dances, represented through dots and connecting lines as seen by an Xbox Kinect. At first, the dancer appears trapped by the web of lines, and pushes up as though to test the boundaries of the constraints. Later, the movements become larger, and freer, before the dancer crouches down as the video ends. The lines stretch and shrink as the dancer moves, and the thin white lines against a black background make it look like a spider's web that entraps the dancer, but we also see the dancer moving fluidly, although never far. The associations to being trapped, held captive and testing the limits of the constraints are strengthened by the short text centred on the first page of the project website: "Wired throughout the body, trapped in a dancing mind."

Aesthetics and Interface
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Machine P.O.V.
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