Drone surveillance (Drones Don't Kill People)

General description of the situation
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Drone narrator and team is gathering political intel on a professor who is a political dissenter for the Turkish government.

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"My job was to hang quietly outside his windows, the sound of my four rotors no more than a mosquito’s hum. You learn a lot by seeing what people do when they think they’re in private. Most of it I found confusingly irrelevant to assassination." - My team recorded many hours of video and audio, caching it locally for analysis before uploading it to the military. We were trusted to know the difference between relevant and irrelevant data at a gross level of granularity. Footage of people sleeping was erased before sync. At that time, communications in our swarm consisted mostly of comparing media files, questioning their importance, and sorting through faces and names for patterns. But sometimes we weren’t sure what was relevant and what wasn’t.
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Machine P.O.V.
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