(Final Space) Quinn copies Gary

General description of the situation
Brief description: 

Quinn is quantifying her memories of "her" Gary and transmits it to the "Virtualazium" room where she generates her Gary (using all the spaceships power). The Gary she makes is the Gary that she fell in love with. The real Gary is confused, so Quinn lets him see her memories (because they are inside the "virtualazium", basically a VR thing). The real Gary sees how Quinn met her Gary and he sees the love they had. But the reunion between Quinn and her Gary is short because of the draining of power from generating this MV Gary and she has to turn the machine off, which removes her Gary.

Pull Quotes: 
"I am building the Gary I knew, from the memories of the times we spent together"
Aesthetics and Interface
Aesthetic characteristics: 
Machine P.O.V: 
Not machine P.O.V.
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