I Created an AI to Make Procedurally Generated Movies, But They're Horrifying (AI)

General description of the situation
Brief description: 

The narrator created an AI to make procedurally generated movies, and the movies turn out to be about the narrator themself, in warped, violent and disturbing ways.

Pull Quotes: 
I kept thinking one night while sipping at a glass of whiskey, what if there was a software that took observations of your personality and created a 3D CGI movie that it knew you would enjoy? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Get bored, sit down at a PC, and tell the software that you wanna watch a movie. (...) The camera pulled away, widening the view and revealing the man’s face. My hands were trembling, even as they held onto the sides of my chair so hard the knuckles were white. “What?” I managed to stammer. A perfect, hyper realistic CGI rendering of my own face stared back at me from the screen. The man with the leaking wound was me. A 3D model of me, but it was so accurate, that even the birthmark on the ridge of my nose was there. Struggling to breathe, I found myself fingering that birth mark, feeling for it as if I would find it stolen from my own face. It was still there – A perfect mirror of the mark on the CGI man’s face. The man, who was apparently me, had a blank expression, even as he appeared to be on the verge of death.
Aesthetics and Interface
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