I'm going to die, and probably soon, because of what I saw through an unsecured webcam one night (Webcams)

General description of the situation
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An agoraphobic narrator starts looking through unsecure webcams to stave off loneliness. They see something kill a woman, and are convinced that the creature is coming for them next.

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It was then that I noticed the twin white dots, again almost too small to be recognizable, set into the center of the shape. The instant I found them the form ceased all movement, becoming instantly still. My heart burned in my chest as the dots slowly rose, fixed themselves in the direction of the webcam. The shape extended another limb toward the bed and began violently tugging, ripping at whatever the sheets were concealing, the dots still fixed on the camera, on me.
Aesthetics and Interface
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Not machine P.O.V.
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