The Normalizing Machine

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The Normalizing Machine is an interactive installation presented as an experimental research in machine-learning. It aims to identify and analyze the image of social normalcy. Each participant is asked to point out who looks most normal from a line up of previously recorded participants. The machine analyzes the participant decisions and adds them to its’ aggregated algorithmic image of normalcy.


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The Normalizing Machine (Classifying Social Normalcy)

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The users body is scanned then in 5 iterations the user decides from a pair of similar scans which image is more normal, hence training the machine to recognize what is normal. In the last pair of images one of the images is of the user, hence one needs to define ones own normality. Thereafter the image is cropped and only the image of the face is moved to a second wall. This mug-shot is then further tiled to eyes, mouth nose etc. and matched into historical categories used to define tendencies for conducting crimes and race.


The Normalizing Machine - an experiment in machine learning & algorithmic prejudice