Description (in English): 

"Welcome to the future – where our world has become an exercise in contradictions. We are more connected than ever but alone. Healthier than ever but sick. Safer than ever but ultimately vulnerable. Seed is a story for these future times. Where the relationship between a girl and an AI system that begins simply, quickly complicates things for the entire world."

- Description from Webtoon, retrieved February 3, 2020

Situation machine vision is used in: 

Seed (Diagnosing Turry)

Brief description: 

The scientists working on Turry can no longer infer Turry's "motivation", because they're not getting responses. They are certain Turry's audio and cameras are still working, so they wonder if they're getting the "silent treatment". In the end, they decide to shut down Turry, although Turry doesn't agree.

Screen shots: