Thoughts and Prayers (AR trolling)

General description of the situation
Brief description: 

Trolls find the AR video simulating Hayley and target her family for harrasment. Augmented reality is used as a defence to filter out content that might be distressing to the mother of the victim, eventually removing all trace of her daughter.

Pull Quotes: 
Decades into the digital age, the art of trolling has evolved to fill every niche, pushing the boundaries of technology and decency alike. From afar, I watched the trolls swarm around my brother’s family with uncoordinated precision, with aimless malice, with malevolent glee. Conspiracy theories blended with deep fakes, and then yielded to memes that turned compassion inside out, abstracted pain into lulz.
Aesthetics and Interface
Machine P.O.V: 
Not machine P.O.V.
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