The Under Presents

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A VR game where the player enters a strange world consisting of a large, surreal and apparently deserted caberet theatre that can only be accessed by putting on bracelets and a mask. Once in The Under, players can interact with other players using gestures and by performing spells to create objects, and can explore a single-user narrative part of the world, a ship in a bottle that can be entered and where a narrative plays out tha the player can experience by turning time back and forwards, and following characters around to listen to their stories.  

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Holograms (The Under Presents)

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On several occasions, the player encounters old-fashioned movie projectors. Turning the lever causes it to project a hologram, for instance a presenter explaining how to enter the main stage area, or a recording that appears to be of the player herself performing a spell using certain hand gestures above the mask. In the latter case, the hologram provides a way for the player to learn how to perform the spell. Turning the lever in the opposite direction makes the hologram move backwards - it is very clearly a recording that be reversed. There is a ghost-like quality to the holograms, partly because of the old-fashioned projector, but also because they are slightly see-through, and the light of the projector is very visible, making it look almost as though they are connected to the project, and they are projected in derelict spaces. The creepiness of seeing a hologram apparently showing oneself in the past is also disconcerting.