2033: La Ilusi贸n de un Futuro Mejor

Description (in English)

The year is 2033. Villaparaiso (Paradise City), formerly known as Mexico City, is portrayed as a beacon of civility where its citizens live harmoniously and happily. Society is ruled by REGPEC, a military party that is led by the tyrant General Jamaro. REGPEC controls the inhabitants by giving them beverages of Tecpanol, a drug that eases their minds and makes them docile and easy to handle. Religion and faith are strictly forbidden.

The resistance is initially led by a priest, Padre Miguel, whose faith in God makes him believe that the authoritarian government can and must be overthrown. They manage to recruit Pablo, the foster son of General Jamaro, as he is the key to taking down the government. Pablo discovers that his birth father, Goros, is alive and is also one of the resistance leaders. Pablo and Goros reunite and start plans to boycott the production of Tecpanol to incite liberation and destroy the regime.

Changed the tech to fit the MV situations, removed a couple of topics as there were many and these were less related to the MV situations. I also added the topic hacking as the rebels realy need to trick the surveillance system to be able go through with their plan. I also added a MV situation in which a optical implant is used to trick a iris scanner. (Linda)

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