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This sequel toĀ PeripheralĀ is set in a version of 2017 where Clinton won the 2016 election and Brexit didn't happen but tension in the Middle East is making nuclear war a real threat. Verity takes a job testing a new AI that turns out to be extremely advanced. It uses a set of ARĀ glasses as its interface, and calls itself UNISS, pronounced like the woman's name Eunice. As corporations start fighting to gain control over UNISS, the people from the post-Jackpot future that we know fromĀ PeripheralĀ get involved in this temporalĀ "stub", using drones as peripherals to interact with Verity's world.Ā 

The machine vision in this work is largely used by UNISS to gather information about her surroundings and to show Verity things.Ā Ā 

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