America is Bleeding

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Imagine being able to see the whole worlds from everyone elses perspective. This artwork is one of a series of artworks connecting networks and ideas of global surveillance in everyday life while trying to reclaim this space back into the public domain.

The images you see on the screen are images coming from networked cameras located around USA in real time. The computer manipulates the real time experiences and life of America as it unfolds. The city and its population are all actors in this real time parallel reality of surveillance and control unleased across the network of the internet. The artwork offer an alternative reality, a multi point perspective of time and space creating this new aesthetic experience manipulated by the machine across the nerwork to give an alternative meaning. Made in 2005 

You can watch the three videos below or at bottom of page which are of the live online net-artworks; or view online at bottom pof page you need to have shockwave installed. (best on a PC not a mac) 

Availability: This is an online generative artwork. It can be viewed online and can also be shown in a gallery. 

Original artwork. Custom software. Computer files. Can be shown on large LCD screens in galleries.


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