Android Kunjappan Version 5.25

Description (in English)

Bhaskara Poduval is a stubborn old man. Due to his fear of dying alone he forces his son to quit any and every job that he gets. Finally in frustration Subramanian, his son, insists on going to Russia as he has got a job in a Japanese firm there. Once there he meets Hitomi. They get very close to each other and Hitomi tells Chubban of her father who died . She also introduces him to the robotic home nurse who took care of him during his last days. The old man is then introduced to his new compnaion, an android robot whom he names "Kunjappan". Reluctant at first, the old man starts easing up to his new home nurse, and over time they form a close bond that makes his son envious. 

It should be noted that the movie starts with an incident where the same model android kills his master. Furthermore "Kunjappan" attempts to kill the son at the end of the film, therefore the sentiments towards this android are mixed: on one hand they represent aid in everyday chores, and act as good companions, but on the other hand they are also hostile and unpredictable. 

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