The Argus Project

Description (in English)

The Argus Project is a transmedia project a wearable sculpture, documentary film and video installation which addresses topics of surveillance, sousveillance and police accountability. The project aims to create "a space to bring together the many viewpoints required to have a real conversation on racial and economic inequality within a fractured democracy" (1)

Argus refers to the Greek myth of Argus Panoptes who was a giant with 100 eyes and "an eternal watchman, both for – and against – the gods"(2) The Argus wearable suite embedded with several cameras is intended as a protective a a "force field of accountability" to protect those targeted by police violence: "While some consider filming the police as a confrontational or subversive act, it is in fact, a deeply democratic one.  The act of bearing witness to the actions of the state - and showing them to the world - strengthens our society and institutions."

The in video installation the Argus armor is combined with voices of relatives to victims of police violence as well as a former Police Captain.


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