Cyberpunk 2077

Description (in English)

Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in Night City and from the perspective of V, a customizable mercenary who visits "ripperdocs" to upgrade and purchase cyberware implants for themselves. Night City is a paradise of robotics and technical enhancement, and Braindance, a VR like experience. At the same time, gang wars, "shady deals",  poverty, and homelessness are also common. The main story begins in 2077, where V and her friend Welles is hired to steal the biochip "Relic" from the Arasaka Corporation. They steal it but witness Arasaka the younger murder Arasaka the older, who's the head of the corporation. The son claims his father was poisoned and calls for security, who chase after V and Welles. Welles is fatally wounded and the Relic is critically damaged, so V saves it by inserting it into the cyberware in their head. Later, to avoid unwanted attention, the person who hired V shoots them in the head and leaves them for dead. Waking up, V realizes they shares their mind with the "ghost" of Silverhand, a rock star who supposedly died in 2023. The bullet triggered the Relic, starting a process where Silverhand's person overwrites V's until he's resurrected and V is gone.

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