Data Feelings (The Happy App)

Description (in English)

In partnership with the coder Jilvan Junior, we developed an application that simultaneously shoots the computer camera and records a "screen shot" every minute. The images provided by the camera (usually the user's face) are analyzed through a scientific system (FACS) that analyze and quantify the basic emotions (happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust and anger) through micro facial expressions. Thus, a relationship of the user's emotions is made according to the content he is seeing on the computer. For the first exhibition I spent 8 hours in front of the computer executing ordinary activities (email, Facebook, payments, shopping, Netflix, Skype) and got the result of my emotions during that day. In 405 minutes online I was only 6% happy. The installation is composed by a video with the survey photos and some information like how the app works and the % of each emotion during the day.


Researched by Graziele Lautenschlaeger

Situation machine vision is used in

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