A Disappeared Movement

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"A Disappeared Movement" is a performance art project in which the artist acts as a guide and leads the participants to disappear from Xingfu Street. It was launched in 2020, in which the artist spent 6 months investigating the surveillance in the Xingfu Street district in Beijing. He delved into the blind spots of each surveillance camera, creating a set of maps that enable participants to avoid surveillance, and releasing it to the public for free. Later, a fire of widespread social controversy was ignited due to the reports from multiple world media such as BBC, SCMP Hong Kong, France Télévisions, The Globe and Mail, The Times, Dutch Telegraph, Tokyo Shimbun, etc. Subsequently, the Chinese government intervened, investigating all participants of the art project and giving them admonition. Since then, reports and exhibitions of "A Disappeared Movement" have been banned in China.

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