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HoloDecon is a interfered perception device, constructed by the modification of celular phones, used to activate alternate perceptive channels, in a trajectory that talks to the nature of impermanent as an experience of conditioned phenomenon to the understanding of substance. Holodecon offers a narrative, oriented to an sustainability ecotropism, balanced between the organic and inorganic, the tangible and the intangible. Tecnology directly afects our perceptive capacity, influencing the construction of the oniric sourronding, built in the alternate  hyperrealist narratives.
The objects and the surroundings are experimented trough their properties and our perception of their substance, by means of our biological sensors or trough technological interfaces that increment our sensorial capacity. This project aimed to explicit the paradox in the understanding and validation of reality, that fluxes trough different energetic processes, to be perceived as a non accidental construction, but in a context of order and chaos, with a beginning and an end.
The construction of objects is done by autonomous principles or dependent of another autonomy, and its designation of materiality feeds from its relational dichotomy between existence and its nullity. The surroundings and the objects are in fluctuation, its materiality is intrinsically related to the perceptive lecture and the acquired dynamic understanding. Reality is constructed in the synapses activated by the direct fluctuation of information, received by the sensors or in the lucidity of the collective mnemonic activity.

Researched by Graziele Lautenschlaeger

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