House of Earth and Blood

Description (in English)

Fantasy young adult novel, first of its series, telling the story of half-Fae/half-human Bryce Quinlan's investigation into the murder of the friends.

Pull Quotes

Even the temperature monitors on the high-tech cameras in this city couldn't detect him when he shadow-walked.

Someone was always watching. In this entire fucking city, territory, and world, someone was always watching, the cameras so bespelled and warded that they were bombproof. Even if this city turned to rubble under the lethal magic of the Asterian Guard's brimstone missiles, the cameras would keep recording.

The feeds had to be looping on harmless footage - just as she'd done at Luna's Temple. Which meant no one, absolutely no one, knew what was happening.

Bryce stared at the fire, her face still splattered with the Archangel's blood. And finally, she lifted her eyes. Right to the camera. To the world watching.

On every screen in the conference center, cameras from around Crescent City revealed a land of nightmares. Hunt didn't know where to look. Each new image was more awful than the last.

Hunt couldn't take his eyes from the feed of Bryce battling her way through the city.

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