How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

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Inspired by a true story, Moritz Zimmermann and his best friend launch Europeis largest online drug business from their teenage bedroom. Moritz’ motivations begin with the goal to win back his girlfriend. At first, he ends up acquiring a large amount of Ecstacy, and then, the next step is to be rid of it. Moritz and his friend use the platform they had originally made for selling rare items in videogames, code it to provide safety and anonymity, and they then send the packages containing the drug to the customer. 

Moritz is both the main character and narrator of the story, breaking the fourth wall at different times, adressing the audience directly and explaining certain aspects of what is going on at the time, or just commenting on his own actions. The series is set in the modern world, meaning that there is technology virtually everywhere. This is exemplified by the usage and commentary of smartphones, computers, 3D printing, programming/coding and the references to video games.

In the scenes where AR is referenced, the AR isn't shown as visible to anyone but Moritz. It appears as though Moritz brings his subjective and imaginative experience of the world, using this experience and imagination to show the viewers in technological terms how he views the world. It could at times give the impression that he, a person who is technologically inclined and who appears to enjoy videogames, views himself as a character in such a game. In these AR segments, he walks through what could be seen as a landscape of Non-Player Characters (NPCs), or he rides a bicycle through a landscape in a way that could relate to the missions where you in a game go from point A to point B and might collect minor collectibles or perform minor tasks on the way there.

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