The Last Human

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In the future, robots have eliminated humans, and 12-year-old robot XR_935 is just fine with that. Without humans around, there is no war, no pollution, no crime. Every member of society has a purpose. Everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Until the day XR discovers something impossible: a human girl named Emma. Now, Emma must embark on a dangerous voyage with XR and two other robots in search of a mysterious point on a map. But how will they survive in a place where rules are never broken and humans aren’t supposed to exist? And what will they find at the end of their journey. The Last Human Goodreads, retrieved December 10, 2020


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"Hvis du ikke visste bedre, kunne det kanskje ha sitt ut som jeg mislyktes. Men det var ikke det som skjedde. Jeg lærte,
Forelder_1 og Forelder_2 fulgte med mens jeg lærte å stå/gå/gripe/hoppe/dytte/dra. De blå øynene deres glødet skarpt i det svake lyset hjemme." p. 17

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