Los anillos de la serpiente

Description (in English)

Los anillos de la serpiente / The serpent's rings
Today's society reveals its intimacy in social networks, publicizes its, builds a constant story of its existence fragmented into small texts, ephemeral photos and videos. This existence is presented, at times, without interiority. It would seem that image has taken over everything, that you can only "be" in the realm of images. This current cultural situaltion leads us to ask ourselves: What is behind the publication? Is there an immanent essence to be behind that appereance published on social networks? By adressing the multiple symbologies of the snake, in Los anillos de la serpiente, the Estudio Biopus put in crisis the naturalness with which the  spectacularization of intimacy transits, questioning what is left behind, what does not reach the screen.

Source: http://www.estudiobiopus.com.ar/estudio/serpiente.html

Researched by Graziele Lautenschlaeger

In the installation the users are swallowed by a serpent inside the serpent the visitor is overwhelmed by social media fragments that are triggered by motion detection technology as the user moves through the installation. Machine vision is portrayed as overwhelming and paralyzing as one can only ""be" in the realm of images" the control of the image is lost into the social network that creates a spectacle out of intimacy. (Lindas reading of the work to bring out the machine vision aspects)


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