Madoc: A Mystery

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"Madoc" is a long poetic sequence, also with a narrative element. It is based on the imagined establishing of a utopian pantisocratic community in the New World by the Romantic poets Coleridge and Southey. Each poem in the sequence has, as its a title, the name of a Western philosopher or scholar in brackets. The sequence is thus a critique and commentary of the imperial project in North America, and the role of the Western philosophical tradition as a foundation for colonialism. It also has a science fiction element in the passage that also refers to machine vision: the main character South (referring to Southey) is caught breaking into a futuristic corporation called Unitel, and is harnessed to a "retinagraph" - the narrative that follows is then scanned from the back of his retina (thus reversing the gaze of the coloniser). 

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"When he ventured forth from the smallroom
he activated a sensor-tile
that set off the first in a series of alarms
and sent a ripple through Unitel.


Then an oxygen-mask.
And, though one of his eyes

was totally written-off,
he was harnessed to a retinagraph.


So that, though it may seem somewhat improbable,
all that follows
flickers and flows
from the back of his right eyeball."

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