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"In the first part of our play Mask.ID, we hacked the Bundesdruckerei and had a passport printed, in which two people can be identified: the EU Commissioner for foreign affairs and security policy, Federica Mogherini, and a penguin from our team. Now Frederica Mogherini and one of our team members can theoretically travel the world with the same passport." (1)

A special software was used to "merged the facial vectors from two different faces from two different images into one" (2) This image was used to apply for a new passport in Germany without problems. Also a photobooth was put up in hamburg where anyone could use the software to merge their passport image with another person.

Now the Peng! collective is asking "last desperate attempt not to stand idly by and watch" (1) to help Libyan artist migrate to Europe in a safe way. European would donate their passport to be merged with artists from Libya so that they could possibly travel to Europe in a safe way without risking their lives. This is framed in the context of passport beeing seen as "an instrument of internal repression, it is the central symbol of exclusion and death at our european external borders."(1)

The Mask ID campagine sets out to “flood government databases with misinformation” (2) and "test the legal boundaries and see if they can turn passports from a “tool of oppression” to one that challenges to very idea of citizenship". (2)

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