Neo Cab

Description (in English)

Lina has just moved to Los Ojos ("The Eyes") to live with her best friend Savy and work as a human driver-for-hire (Uber style) for the company Neo Cab (which only uses human drivers). The taxis in Los Ojos are mostly autonomous cars owned by the megacorporation Capra. After briefly meeting Savy, Savy goes missing, and Lina has to maneuver work (earning money for gas and accomodation, getting good ratings, talking to clients) with finding out what's happened to Savy. There's also talk of the Sophie Bill, which will ban human drivers out of "safety concerns" after someone named Sophie was killed by a human driver - and also put Lina out of a job. This will enable monopoly for Capra, who, even if they say they have a 99,9% safety clearing, is not as safe as they say (they're evidently measuring against other autonomous cars and not versus human drivers).

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