In Other Waters

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Ocean life on Earth is contained to theme parks where people can see what life used to be like, and humanity is hard at work looking for life other places in the universe, without luck. Ellery Vas is a xenobiologist working for the company Baikal ("Exoplanet Extraction"), currently searching for her missing partner Minae Nomura on the planet Gliese 677Cc after Minae sent a cryptic message for Ellery to come. She is helped by an AI (the player) when she arrives at the abandoned base. As she explores the planet, she finds extraterrestrial life in its waters. She also discovers that Gliese 677Cc has remains of a Baikal research laboratory and that there used to be sentient creatures called Artifices who can do genetic/RNA rewriting. Ellery eventually realizes that Baikal was up to no good with the life on this planet. The AI that helps Ellery is from the remains of the Artifices species, and is called Oki. It's therefore implied that Oki is a kind of cyborg AI, from biological origins. The game also features drones (albeit not thematized in terms of vision) and topographical scans of the sonar/LiDAR type.

"See the world through an AI lens." (In Other Waters on Steam, accessed April 12, 2021)

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