Outside the Wire

Description (in English)

In the near future, Ukraine faces a civil war and the US military is there as "peace-keepers". Lt. Thomas Harp, a drone pilot for the US military, acts against orders and fires in a hot zone, saving a few dozen people while killing two "friendlies". For this action, he's sent to the American base of operations in Ukraine to see the results on the ground as opposed to in the air - a sort of sensitivity training. He is to work under Captain Leo, an American-made android soldier with a seemingly human appearance. They set out to stop a local warlord from gaining access to Cold War nukes, and along the way, Leo orders Harp to take out his "tracker". Harp follows orders, and it's later shown that this is an inhibitor of sorts, the last bit that makes Leo controllable. He wants to gain access to the nukes himself, so he can use them on the US mainland to prevent more wars with super soldiers like him in the future - mimicking Harp's action in the beginning: sacrifice some to save a lot. Harp manages to stop Leo before it's "too late".

Note: The machine vision is not presented as flawed or misleading, rather, human decision-making is.

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