The Right To Flight

Description (in English)

In the The Right To Flight " was a four month installation, event series and ongoing research programme investigating technical infrastructures, surveillance, ballooning, and utopias." (1)

As a part of this project James Bridle flew a balloon over London. The name 'The Right to Flight' refers to the Parisian photographer and balloonist Nadar who is claimed to have taken the first arial images from a balloon. "He proclaimed that mankind had a right, even a duty, to ascend to the heavens."...The Right to Flight investigated ways to return the powers of surveillance and omniscience to the surveilled, and attempted to rediscover Nadar's utopias in the possibilities of contemporary technologies, while making its own claim on London's increasingly crowded skyline."(2)

Among other things an outcome from the flights was a "3D model of Bold Tendencies and Peckham Rye environs generated from ~500 photos from the balloon"(3)

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