Satellite Reign

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"Satellite Reign takes place in an unnamed fictional city referred to as 'The City'. A corporation named Dracogenics rises to prominence after releasing a prototype named Resurrection-Tech that is capable of providing immortality. Dracogenics turns to corporate crime and bribes politicians with immortality in exchange for control and influence. This eventually leads to the privatization of The City's services and full corporate control over The City's police force. Civil unrest arises and is suppressed by Dracogenics, but a rival corporation soon comes to light and launches anti-Dracogenics attacks. The player controls this rival corporation and must overthrow Dracogenics from The City."

- Satellite Reign on Wikipedia, accessed April 12, 2021

- Some agents have a "world scan" ability that creates an overlay of the drone's vision and gives additional information about humans and machines, but it's unsure if this is the agent's ability or the drone's, so I haven't made a situation about it. -R
- Sentiments can vary, but I chose the prominent gameplay feature (hiding from/disabling MV) and its sentiment. -R

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