Description (in English)

Srivalli is pursuing a doctorate on the subconscious memory effects of the human brain when she is struck by accident: her brother is placed in a coma following a car crash. Together with her friend Gowtham, who she is romantically involved with, she meets a scientist called Verma who introduces them to his "brainwave machine". Srivalli decides to undergo an experiment with the machine, where the object is to juxtapose her brainwaves with that of her brother, in order for her to wake him up from coma. The experiment is successful, her brother shows signs of cognitive function, but unfortunately the experiment affects Srivalli's memories, and she suddenly finds herself being haunted by a man from her past life. Towards the end, a plot twist reveals that Gowtham was manipulating Srivalli all along with the brainwave machine in order to seek vengance for the treachery that Srivalli's father committed to Gowtham's mother. As such, it should be noted that the brainwave machine is equally a machine technology that can restore health, as it can be a tool for manipulation. 

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