Star Trek: Into Darkness

Description (in English)

The crew of the Starship Enterprise with Captain Kirk at the helm is sent on a mission to kill a superhuman (Khan Noonien Singh) responsible for blowing up a secret service (Section 31) facility and then decimating the leaders of Starfleet. The mission goes wrong (is sabotaged), but the superhuman is nevertheless captured. Upon capturing Khan, the crew discovers that admiral Marcus, the man who sent them on this mission, is in fact the also responsible for the sabotage, and has been planning to get them all killed and start a war with Klingons in the process. After defeating this opponent together with Khan, Khan turns against them. He is eventually captured, and the crew of Enterprise saved, but not before he destroys Starfleet Headquarters and half the city with it.
Machine vision is mostly in the background - no scenes focus on it completely. It is a part of daily life: various screens that show both the inside and the outside of the ship schematically and with additional sensor information; doors that are motion activated (motion tracking): tri-coder (biometrics, object recognition) scanning of objects and people. The general sentiment when it comes to machine vision is mostly neutral.

I checked the tech referenced in the situations and changed the tech here accordingly. I also added flawed to the sentiment as the technology fails/craches in a couple of situations.

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