Too Much

Description (in English)

In this video Usher's character (let's call him Usher) is about to enter his car as he witnessesĀ theĀ kidnapping of a woman. She drops a pair of glowing glasses on the ground as she is being taken away. Usher tries to save her, but is too late. He finds the glasses and hesitantly puts them on. What he sees is a virtual world, with an AR overlay. He is in a robot costume (which is how the DJ for this track appears in media), so in a way Usher becomes Marshmello. In this virtual reality he finds the woman he just tried to save, but has to overcome several obstacles (getting shot, a boxing match). In the end he gets her in the car and transports her back to the real world, where the Marshmello robot fades, and Usher is there to embrace the anonymous woman he just saved ā€“ only to discover that she is a hologram (at least in this world.)

Situation machine vision is used in

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