Description (in English)

This young adult novel is set in a dystopic future where climate change has made the air poisonous and The Feminists control Norway, refusing men and boys basic rights. 17-year-old Carla is a very bright young scientist who was brought up as an elite girl in an institution run by the Feminists, and who contributed the final component of a formula that allows the air to be rapidly and effectively cleaned. The Feminists and a rebel group both want the formula so they can sell it and profit from it, but Carla and Noah smuggle it to Oslo where they plan to use an unmonitored internet connection to send the formula to international scientists who will share it freely with everyone. 

Machine vision is more a background feature than a specific focus of the novel. People wear rings that project holograms, and these are portrayed as fairly neutral. Surveillance cameras and drones are portrayed as strongly oppressive, though, and there are also large screens showing video feeds that are both oppressive and misleading. 

Pull Quotes

“Jeg vil at Noah skal få leve sitt eget liv», sa moren og tok vekk hånden sin igjen. «Han er voksen nå og må klare seg selv.»
«Men er ikke det litt vanskelig uten en kvinne som …»
«Noah er like god som en jente, han kan få til det han vil», avbrøt moren.
Carla tidde.

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