Welcome to Your Authentic Indian ExperienceTM

Description (in English)

A social critique of the cultural identity, appropriation and commercialization of the Native American experience. We follow main character you/Jesse who works as a kind of theme park actor within a virtual reality for people who wish to experience an "authentic Indian experience". The story takes a dark turn as a particular guest seeking the truly authentic Indian experience takes over Jesse's more or less normal life outside of the VR.

Pull Quotes

What Theresa doesn’t understand is that Tourists don’t want a real Indian experience. They want what they see in the movies, and who can blame them? Movie Indians are terrific!

You change in the locker room and shuffle down to the pod marked with your name. You unlock the hatch and crawl in. Some people find the pods claustrophobic, but you like the cool metal container, the tight fit. It’s comforting. The VR helmet fits snugly on your head, the breathing mask over your nose and mouth.

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