Yat Madit

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Yat Madit is an artificial intelligence system that allows 8000 local council chairpersons to jointly run the country as if they were elders sitting together around a tree. See quote for details on how the system operates. 

In the short story we meet the young woman Amaro, who works in a digital store. The story explores her relationship with her father, who has been in prison for murders committed in his political past. Now he wants to stand for LC, local council chairperson. Amaro has her own artificial intelligence assistant/ avatar named Adak, who helps her but also transmits information (it seems) to Yat Madit. 

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“Yat Madit is a fundamental pillar of our society,” she begun. “And yet it is fragile. It has a huge weakness. It relies on us. Avatars listen to us. They learn what we like and understand our views and then feed this to Yat Madit, which uses this data to approve LC decisions, to advice LCs, and to help draw policies. We think it’s intelligent enough to tell good from evil and to uphold human rights, but remember that some of us can’t enjoy our rights because a majority think we should not". 

"Yat Madit is conscious and self-learning and ever evolving and it uses a language that no one can comprehend and so it is beyond human manipulation".

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I can't find the official publication date of the anthology, but it seems like it was released in october 2020.

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