Machine Vision Knowledge Base

This database collects information about games, art and narratives that use or represent machine vision technologies. Our aim is to trace connections, similarities and differences in the ways machine vision is invoked culturally and aesthetically. You can follow trails through the material by browsing through at the themes each work deals with, or the technologies they use and reference, or the attitudes shown towards machine vision. Or you can trace the ways different kinds of protagonist (human, machine, child, adult and more) engage with machine vision.

The Machine Vision database is developed by the ERC project Machine Vision in Everyday Life: Playful Interactions with Visual Technologies in Digital Art, Games, Narratives and Social MediaIt is currently (2019) in development, and is changing daily. 

Machine Vision Situations

210 records
Situation Brief description Aesthetic Characteristics
Narciss (Self-analysing Machine)

The machine uses object recognition and other machine learning applications to analyze itself. "uses artificial intelligence to...

Glossy, Metallic, Technical
Jller (Identifying and organizing)

Pebbles are organized in rows by their geologic age with the help of object recognition software which has been trained with the help of...

Ascetic, Industrial, Clinical, Meditative
Echo (Replacing Face)

The user is sitting in a photo booth and guided by a AI character. First the users faces is scanned and then the user can choose a...

Glitchy, Overexposed
Mosaic Virus and Myriad (Generating new images of tulips)

A neural network is trained on images of various tulips that the artist has labled and classified by hand in the work Myriad (Tulips)....

Smooth, Smudged, Mosiac
The Normalizing Machine (Classifying Social Normalcy)

The users body is scanned then in 5 iterations the user decides from a pair of similar scans which image is more normal, hence training...

Archive, Old, Overexposed, Scientific


791 records