Machine Vision Knowledge Base

This database collects information about games, art and narratives that use or represent machine vision technologies. Our aim is to trace connections, similarities and differences in the ways machine vision is invoked culturally and aesthetically. You can follow trails through the material by browsing through at the themes each work deals with, or the technologies they use and reference, or the attitudes shown towards machine vision. Or you can trace the ways different kinds of protagonist (human, machine, child, adult and more) engage with machine vision.

The Machine Vision database is developed by the ERC project Machine Vision in Everyday Life: Playful Interactions with Visual Technologies in Digital Art, Games, Narratives and Social MediaIt is currently (2019) in development, and is changing daily. 

Machine Vision Situations

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Situation Brief description Aesthetic Characteristics
The Hunger Games (Night Vision Glasses for Harvesting)

When Rue sees Katniss has night vision glasses, she tells Katniss that they are used in District 11 so workers can harvest through the...

The Hunger Games (Ubiquitous surveillance)

Although cameras are never seen, they are everywhere in the arena of the Hunger Games, and there are many in the Capitol as well. In the...

The Hunger Games (Holo)

In the last book (third movie), Mockingjay, the rebels have a device called a Holo that can project a 3D holographic model of the...

See-through, Holograph, Shiny
The Hunger Games (AR model of arena)

During the first and second movies, we see the game masters standing around a 3D augmented reality or holographic display of the arena...

Shiny, hologram
(Rick and Morty) Rick detecs intruder

Rick is erasing the intruders poop entry, just as his motion detection sensors is picking yet another intruder. It appears to be same...


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