AI Amok (Nozomi analyzes world population)

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Following the injection of a new software update by a hacker, the Nozomi "Hope" medical AI system suddenly changes its behavior, and instead of checking people's health and administer cures it starts to analyze the entire human population, as well as animals and objects, through camera feeds and social media content from around the world. When the analysis is complete, it evaluates that Japan is currently undergoing an economic crisis and decides to kill a percentage of its population, depending on their current health, cost of healthcare, and usefulness to society.

Pull Quotes

This is the most worrying situation I hoped to see seven years ago. When I was designing this AI, I wrote the following rules: "Must obey human orders" and "Respect for Human Life." However, some people removed these rules and let "hope" get out of control. If it keeps getting out of control, it will start a massacre of all mankind. [...] Medical AI directly affects people's life and death. If it is no longer controlled by humans, AI can even judge on its own and kill the patient on the bed.

As long as it contains medicines that affect genetic components, humans will unknowingly disappear from this world. Most people are no longer in the condition to survive without the assistance of artificial intelligence. If the AI ​​that penetrates human life is really out of control, humans will be killed in one breath.

(Analysis in progress... the analysis is completed)

(About 16,000 people will be subjected to forced sterilization surgery)

(The county's population will fall below 2 million people)

(Increasing generational inequality)

It is learning how to screen humans... How to screen humans... Is this... How can this be stopped?

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AI Amok Narrative, Movie Yû Irie

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