Blade Runner 2049 (Mr. Wallace's drone vision)

Brief description

Mr. Wallace, who overtook Tyrell corp. and made it thrive again producing a new gen of replicants seems to have artificial eyes/some sort of implants. At 38.10, Luv puts some sort of chip behind his ear, and a group of small drones (more like flying cameras) flies in, circling the "new-born" new model replicant that he wanted to see. His cameras are observing the new replicant (he calls Angel) as well as Luv, as he talks about how replicants are new slaves that humankind can still stomach, and how he needs to create replicants that reproduce in order to achieve the numbers needed for the expansion of the civilisation, and the slices the belly of the new replicant with a knife.

Work that the situation appears in

Title Publication Type Year Creator
Blade Runner 2049 Narrative, Movie Denis Villeneuve
Aesthetic characteristics
Machine P.O.V
Not machine P.O.V.
I added the Angel that is killed as a character to the scene. Hence, added and re-arranged the verbs a bit trying to clarify also the role between what Mr. Wallace does and what the tech does. (Linda)

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