The Circle (Mae accidentally broadcasts her parents having sex)

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Mae goes home to look after her parents, finds them having sex and accidentally broadcasts it worldwide.

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She ran up the stairs, taking them three at a time, and when she reached the top and turned left quickly, into their bedroom, she saw them, their eyes turned to her, round and terrified. Her father was sitting on the bed, and her mother was kneeling on the floor, his penis in her hand. A small container of moisturizer rested against his leg. In an instant they all knew the ramifications. Mae turned away, directing the camera toward a dresser. No one said a word. Mae could think only of retreating to the bathroom, where she pointed the camera at the wall and turned off the audio. She rewound her spool to see what had been caught on camera. She hoped the lens swinging from her neck had somehow missed the offending image. But it had not. If anything, the angle of the camera revealed the act more clearly than she’d witnessed it. 

Dave Eggers, The Circle, pg. 321, loc. 4909-4922. Kindle Edition

At her desk, she saw a pair of messages from her parents. They were still awake, and they were despondent. They were outraged. Mae tried to send them the positive zings she’d seen, messages that celebrated that an older couple, dealing with MS no less, could still be sexually active. But they weren’t interested. Please stop, they asked. Please, no more. And they, like Mercer, insisted that she cease to contact them unless privately. She tried to explain to them that they were on the wrong side of history. But they weren’t listening. 

Dave Eggers, The Circle, pg. 323, loc. 4946-4952. Kindle Edition

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The Circle Narrative, Movie James Ponsoldt
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