The Final Cut (Protesters)

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There is increasing disapproval of Eyetech's Zoe implants. Protesters line the street as mourners enter a Rememory, a memorial screening of an edited compilation of their life as seen through their Zoe implant. 

The protesters hold signs stating "Live for today", "Open your eyes", "Remember for yourself", "Consent not control". A mourning widow cries as she walks past them. A protester yells, "You are blasphemous!" at her, and she shouts, "Why don't you people go home", looking stricken. Earlier in the movie, it has been mentioned that the protesters believe that only God should see everything. Alan, the main cutter in the film, is also described by his lover as being "like a priest" ("You're like a mortician... or a priest... or a taxidermist. All of them.")

The widow is white and very well dressed. Overall, the people who order Rememories appear to be extremely wealthy. The crowd of protesters is diverse in apparent ethnicity and class. 

Some of the scene is presented through a wall of screens showing different surveillance camera views of the protesters. Nobody is shown actually viewing the screens (except the viewer of the movie) but there is a sense of cold distance implied by this view. 

(timestamp 0:23:39-0:24:30)

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The Final Cut Narrative, Movie Omar Naim
Machine P.O.V
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