Good boys (Max spies using drone)

Brief description

Max and his two friends are going to their first "kissing party", but they have never kissed before and are desperate to learn. One of them has a neighbour who has a boyfriend, so they figure they will borrow Max`s dad`s drone to spy on them in order to learn (which is very bad in the first place, as Max promised his dad that he would never touch the drone). They fire up the drone and fly it over the neighbours garden. They find that the boyfriend have left, but hoping that maybe Lily and Hannah will start kissing because they are hugging. But the drone makes such a loud noise, and the boys discovers that they need to go closer. Lily and Hannah notices the sound, and wondering whats happening. The boys starts to argue how to fly the drone, which leads to little control of the drone. Lily and Hannah manages to catch the drone using a pool rod, and keeps the drone hostage.
Later the boys break the drone and have to buy a new one.

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Good boys Narrative, Movie Gene Stupnitsky
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