STET (Ursula killed by self-driving car)

Brief description

Three-year-old Ursula is hit by a self driving Toyota Silph and killed. The car's object-recognition software correctly identified her as a human child, but prioritised not hitting an endangered bird. 

The system was trained using data from many sources, including pupillary analysis that identifies what people actually care more about. 

Pull Quotes

Other than that white band, it’s exactly like any other woodpecker, but because of that white fucking band it has four Wildlife Preservations Acts. Four, which is four more than the number of acts dedicated to regulating weighted risk matrices in autonomous vehicles.

They’re smart enough to read your email and measure your pupils and listen to your phone calls, they have access to all of the data on who we are and what we love. They’re smart enough to understand how much a mother loves her baby girl. They’re smart enough to understand the emotional impact of killing a woodpecker. They’re smart enough to know what they did and they’re smart enough to keep doing it, right?

(..) the neural network training for cultural understanding of identity is collected via social media, keystroke analysis, and pupillary response to images. They’re watching to see what’s important to you. You are responsible.

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Title Publication Type Year Creator
STET Narrative, Short story Sarah Gailey
Aesthetic characteristics
Machine P.O.V
Not machine P.O.V.
Added the entity Humans in general and gave it the verbs Training, Analysed, because they are training the machine learning (which is analysing human pupillary responses). Also removed a couple of verbs from the tech, and changed tech to machine learning and object recognition and UGV.
I added classifying/classified here because actually Ursula is not identified as Ursula, but classified by the tech as a human. Nevertheless that she is correctly classified the machine decides that what it classified as a endangered bird is more important. I also added the bird as a character as I find it important part of the narrative that it is an animal that is prioritized by the machine over a human being (Linda)

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