Superintelligence (AI observes Carol)

Brief description

This situation is basically happening throughout the whole movie. In the beginning of the movie you are seeing Carol through different surveillance cameras and the movie is establishing that someone is watching her. One morning when she wakes up she is being confronted by this superintelligent AI (via different household appliances) who has picked her (for her averageness) to learn about the human race. This AI has not been developed by a company but seem to be an independent AI with its own motivations. It tells Carol that it is choosing between enslaving, saving or destroying the human race, and it depends on what it learns in the three days they spend together. The AI rekindles the love between Carol and her ex (to learn about love and human response) and is very eager.

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Title Publication Type Year Creator
Superintelligence Narrative, Movie Ben Falcone
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Machine P.O.V
Machine P.O.V.

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