ZARI (Robot and Dog becomes friends)

Brief description

The household bot is spending all day with the family dog Shelly as the others are away at work in the day. Throughout the movie you see the robot is recording other dogs barking or humans saying "good girl" so the Bot can play it and communicate with the dog. The dog is also communicating back in its own way, by wanting to play fetch, following the bot around the house, keeping the Bot company while doing its chores. In the end the Bot is getting sold (for parts!!) and there is a scene where the Bot is being carried away, while Shelly is on the steps in the background barking loudly in protest. The Bot is saying "Good girl". They obviously had established some friendship, from observing each other.

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ZARI Narrative, Movie Courtney Marsh
Who does what?
Machine P.O.V
Not machine P.O.V.

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