Cosmodrama (Woman of the waves appears on screen)

Brief description

After filming a report on dark matter, the reporter and the psychologist turn off the cameras. The screens, that are connected to the cameras (the communication has only been one-sided until now) turn black. Then, suddenly, the face of a strange (human-looking, but ethereal) woman appear from inside the screen and gives them philosophical insights, before disappearing again. 

This woman appears again several times, and the reporter falls in love with her. This is the only time she appears when there's somebody else in the room, proving that she is not just a fantasy of his. 

Work that the situation appears in

Title Publication Type Year Creator
Cosmodrama Narrative, Movie Philippe Fernandez
I am classifying this technology as image generation. The woman only appears through this screen, except for in the reporter's dreams. Many strange things happen throughout the movie, so we don't know for sure that they are dreams either. She might be some kind of extraterrestrial, but she looks like a human being, though not like someone they have ever seen before. There is something hologram-like to her too, in the way she is fleeting and almost transparent. Under her character node I have put more images of her.

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