Deep Down Tidal (bias image search)

Brief description

In the foreground a black woman is on her smartphone. In the background image searches on feet, dreadlocks and children appear in browsers. The searches are mainly showing feet of white people, or white people with dreadlocks and fair skinned children. In the background a voice in phone conversation style is stating: “This is racism”, “this is really not good”. “It is like they are not treating us equal”. “They are not treating us as a human being”.  The sequence ends with the written text: “Google why u mad?” referencing to the bias of image search engines an example of “Electronic colonialism is a domination and control of digital technologies by the west to Maine and expand the hegemonic over the rest of the world” (stated in the video after the sequence). The sequence demonstrate the bias of search engines which excludes other worldviews when dominated by Western culture and values.

Work that the situation appears in

Title Publication Type Year Creator
Deep Down Tidal Art, Video art Tabita Rezaire
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Machine P.O.V
Not machine P.O.V.

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