The Last One (Reality Show)

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Zoo and other contenstants are in a staged survival reality show and are being filmed and manipulated by the crew to give certain responses and angles. Backgrounds are blurred out to give illusion of pure wilderness, reactions are taken out of context. They are filmed at every second of the day in this part of the novel and they are editing together a scenario. 

They are also discussed by a reddit like forum outside of the reality show scenario. 

Pull Quotes

“Rancher. They don’t finish in time and Waitress flips her shit when they see the”—air quotes—“ ‘body.’ She’s crying and hyperventilating—and Zoo snaps.”

The editor shifts nervously in his seat. “Did she quit?” he asks. Disappointment warms his face. He was looking forward to editing her victory, or, more likely, her graceful defeat in the endgame. Because he doesn’t know how she could possibly overcome Tracker; Air Force has his tweaked ankle working against him, but Tracker is so steady, so knowledgeable, so strong, that he seems destined to win. It is the editor’s job to make Tracker’s victory seem a little less inevitable, and he was planning to use Zoo as his primary tool in this. He enjoys editing the two of them together, creating art from contrast.

“No, she didn’t quit,” says the producer. He claps the shoulder of the editor. “But she was mean.”


In the Dark—Why sign up for this?

Two episodes in and I have to ask—why would anyone go on this show?

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[-] NotFunnyWinger 31 days ago

Million bucks to the winner. $250,000 to second and $100,000 to third. What other incentive do you need?

[-] MachOneMama 31 days ago

Don’t forget fan favorite! Another quarter million there. I’m voting for the carpenter. She’s the only woman who’s not useless and/or annoying.

[-] MuffinHoarder99 31 days ago

Preach-er! Preach-er! (For the hair alone.)

[-] MachOneMama 31 days ago

Are you kidding? Someone needs to punch him in the balls, stat.

[-] HeftyTurtle 31 days ago

Agreed. Mactress aimed too high.

[-] BeanCounterQ 31 days ago

Keep an eye on Albert. I know him from college and he’ll surprise you. Smart guy. Good guy.

The cameraman edges closer and the anchor tilts her microphone toward the woman’s face. But the woman has no confession and these obstructions, these devices sucking in her breath, her image, these are all things that are no longer real. Her hard green gaze slides past the lens to the man behind it. “Get the camera out of my face,” she says. “Now.”

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