Machinehood (Lenses/optical implants)

Brief description

When Nithya takes her lenses out, the world feels disorienting. without the extra visual layer. She thinks that Welga has an advantage in having permanent implants that do not need to be taken out or charged or serviced.

Pull Quotes

She dropped the needle into the recycler, then took her lenses out and laid them in the cleaner alongside Luis’s. Her ear and throat jewels went into a dry charger. For the space of three breaths, the world looked and sounded wrong. The feeds added another dimension to her senses, and she had to wait for her brain to adjust to their absence. Welga had an advantage there, too, with her devices permanently inside her eyes, ears, and neck, courtesy of the US military. VeeMods—voluntary modders—paid out thousands in their own coin for similar technology and surgery. Must be nice not having to worry about cleaning or charging or repairing them every day. (p. 46-47).

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Title Publication Type Year Creator
Machinehood Narrative, Novel S.B. Divya
Who does what?
This technology
Machine P.O.V
Not machine P.O.V.
I considered adding the verb "Disoriented" for Nithya but in the quantitative analysis that would look as though the machine vision tech is disorienting when it's actually its ABSENCE that is disorienting. Difficult to capture this.

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